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Onewhero Area School offers a wide range of Senior Courses, at all year levels. A lot of professional discussion and consultation goes into designing subjects and their course work. This offers senior students the best opportunity to achieve Level 1 to 3 NCEA. The decisions to be made on future courses should not be taken lightly. Read through the useful information in this site, on what to think about when selecting courses, pathways, and further study options. Decisions made now can affect choices and possible opportunities, in future years. We strongly suggest discussing these decisions with parents, the Careers Advisor (Mrs Pam McArley), and the Senior Leader for Y11-13 (Mrs Koren Hopoi). Please note that standards that may be listed for some courses are subject to change. Other course details, such as, fee required, can change due to unforeseen circumstances. All parents will be made aware of changes, if and when they occur. Students will need to have money on their photocopying/printing account, for most courses. This can be paid/topped up at the Student Office.


For in depth discussion of course prerequisites, contents and pathways go to OAS Course Director

If you need more information make contact with the Teacher in charge of the course.

Once you have investigated thoroughly and made and checked your choices, go to the Kamar Portal to register them.

To get to the Kamar Portal at school start a web browser (Chrome, Firefox . . ) and type kamar/student in to the address bar.

If you are not at school and want to acces the Kamar Web Portal click this link

Level 1-3: Selecting Your Subjects for 2017

The information in this guide is designed to help students choose subjects for 2017 carefully. The subjects selected are crucial for the future, so it is important that students choose the right pathway. The further students go in the Senior School, the more difficult it becomes to change their direction. That is why the very best advice is to keep as broad a range of subjects for as long as possible. Keep in mind the following:

  • It is important to have a healthy interest level in the subjects you are choosing.
  • Some subjects can lead to a career path, but some may provide a base for a lifelong interest or hobby.
  • The skills that you may learn through a subject can be just as important as the knowledge content.
  • Some tertiary providers & job training courses do require you to have taken certain subjects.
  • Some tertiary providers & job training courses see more importance in doing a broad range of subjects.
  • It can be helpful to research different options & what they would require.
  • Be realistic! Keep in mind your level of achievement, your ability, & your interest in certain subjects
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Before you select it would be a good idea to complete the following statements:

  • When I leave school I would like to leave with NCEA Level ………….
  • When I leave school I would like to become a …………………….
  • I am not sure of what I want to do post-schooling, but I have considered ……………..
  • I would like to go to University to study …………………
  • I may need University Entrance approved subjects, which are ……………………….
  • I really enjoy the subjects of ………………………….
  • I have achieved success in the following subjects at school …………………
  • I have the pre-requisites needed for the following subjects ………………
  • Where could this subject lead to in the future ………………………
  • I have discussed my options with my parent/guardian/Careers Advisor and ………….
  • In choosing these courses the minimum number of possible credits on offer would be ….
  • Are my subjects Unit Standard based, Achievement Standard based, or a mixture ……
  • Do my courses meet the entry requirements of the tertiary course/apprenticeship etc…..
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Entry Requirements for Level 1-3 subjects at OAS

In each Level 1-3 subject description, departments have specified how the following school-wide procedures for entry will be applied. Students can find this information in the Course Director under the headings:

  • Entry Requirements:
  • This Course Leads to:

Entry Requirements for NCEA Level 1

Year 10 students have automatic entry into NCEA Level 1 courses. However, the HODs of Mathematics and English will recommend which Level 1 course that students should study, in accordance with individual learning needs and based on results gained during Year 10.

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