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Overview: Getting Ready for Year 10 at OAS

One of our aims at Onewhero Area School is to provide individual educational pathways for each of our students.

This guide is intended to inform students, parents and care-givers what to expect in Year 10.

It should also show how course choices, and achievement, in Year 10, influences students’ course choice and career pathways in Year 11, and beyond.

When deciding on their options for Year 10, students should choose subjects in which they have ability, they enjoy, and which will assist them in following any career they may already be thinking about. For those young people unsure of their future career path, they should choose as broad a range of subjects as possible.


For in depth discussion of course prerequisites, contents and pathways go to OAS Course Director

If you need more information, make contact with the teacher in charge of the course.

Once you have investigated thoroughly and made and checked your choices, submit them through the Kamar Web Portal: More information here.

Year 10 Subjects & Timetable

Compulsory subjects: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Ed and Health are studied all year.

Optional subjects: In addition to the compulsory subjects, students will select four further courses, two from each option block in the chart above (or one from each and double Maori).

Year 10 students will study two options for the first half of the year and then, the other two for the second half.

Maori is an exception to this pattern as it runs for the whole year.

Possible 2 Semesters: Art and/or Music may be chosen for two consecutive semesters, if you are passionate and dedicated to progressing in these areas, and wish to make extra preparation for Level 1 Creative Arts. However most who take Art and / or Music will do so as a half year course.

Preferably 1 Semester: If you are unsure as to your path in future years, you should endevour to sample four different areas, keeping your options open and getting a strong introduction to each. Automotive, Food Tech, Hard Tech and Digital Tech are designed as half year courses in Year 10.

If you are choosing double options, select them twice, ie in two lines on Kamar.

Entry Requirements for Year 11

Year 10 students have automatic entry into NCEA Level 1 courses. However, the HODs of all senior subjects will recommend that Year 11 students study a particular NCEA Level 1 course, in accordance with individual learning needs, and based on results gained during Year 10. It is vitally important, therefore, that students work as hard as they can during Year 10, as their attainment will determine their course choices at the end of the year.

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