Term 1

Digital Media

Photography, Image Editing & Multimedia Presentation

Image Post Processing
Web Design

Coding 4 Web

Term 2

ComputerScience & Programming

Planning & Creating Games in Scratch or JavaScript

Programming and CS Links

Term 3

Digital Information

Making a Persuasive Letter in Word with Charts from Excel

Word Processing and Spreadsheet Links

Term 4

Create a Prototype

Developing a prototype for a web or printed product

Prototype Development Links

Term 1 Overview

This term we are studying Photography and Multi Media Presentation. We will start with and overview of Camera types, uses and maintenance. We will learn to set up "Point & Shoot" and "DSLR" cameras to take various types of photographs. Then we will investigate planning, capture and manipulation of digital images.

Throughout this module you will make a collection of your best photographs, along with the ones you learned the most from. These photographs will be presented in an interactive multimedia PowerPoint album or in a Website for the assessment of this unit.