Term 1

Digital Media

Photography, Image Editing & Multimedia Presentation

Image Post Processing

Term 2

Digital Media

Photography, Image Editing & Web Site Creation

Links to online Html and Css Tutorials

Code Avengers
HTML Is Easy
W3 Schools

Links to OAS Tutorials and Worksheets for L2 Digital Media

Image Post Processing
Web Design
Coding 4 Web

Term 3

Create a Prototype

Develop a Prototype
for a Printed Product

Prototype Development Links

Term 4

Media Applications

Create a Movie
or Animation

Movie Making Links

Animation Creation links

Term 1 Overview

This term we are studying Photography and Interactive PowerPoint Presentation. We will start with and overview of Camera types, uses and maintenance. We will learn to set up "Point & Shoot" and "DSLR" cameras to take various types of photographs. Then we will investigate planning, capture and manipulation of digital images.

Throughout this module you will make a collection of your best photographs, along with the ones you learned the most from. These photographs will be presented in an interactive PowerPoint album for the assessment of this unit.