Avitars, Gravitars, Calendars & Course Outline

Week 2

Composite Images

Digital Image Manipulation

Resolution, Dimensions & Layers

2012 Images    

Week 3 & 4

Print Design

Composite Images, Publishing & Print Layout

Time Magazine Cover

Link to 2013 Covers

Week 5 & 6


Create An Instructional Presentation in PowerPoint

Link to 2012 Presentations . . .
Link to 2013 Presentations . . .

Week 7


CD Cover & Case Booklet

Open Source Software

Week 8 & 9

PC Systems

PC Hardware & Operating Systems

Antistatic Precautions, Dataflow, Build a PC System


Digital Citizenship

Web Quests, Ethics, Saftey, Netiquette, Copyright Law & Referencing

Week 11 to 13

Game Making in Scratch or Alice

Programming Challenges

Week 14


Week 15


Communication, Audacity

Week 16 & 17


Calculating and analysing data

Week 18 & 19

Shooting & Editing Video

Creating an Avertisement

Week 19 & 20

The Internet & The WWW

How the Internet works
Planning for Web.
Web Quests
Wikis with Google Sites
Our Class Forum
Html Css intro.

The Philosophy of the Y10 Digital Course:

Y10 Digital Technologies runs for 20 weeks. We have heaps to fit in to help us be informed Digital Citizens. We also have time to investigate some of the DT strands in more depth, and to become self reliant with digital skills. So buckle in and come for the ride.