Digital Images for print. Portraits of Self

Week 2

Editing Images

Resolution and Dimensions

Publisher ID Cards

Week 3 & 4


Creating Duplex bookmarks in Publisher


Bookmark Instructions

Week 5

Word Processing

Laying out a menu in MS Word

using styles and page layout

Week 6 & 7


Myth, or Legend or

Dungeon Adventure

Week 8

Web Quest

Using Search Engines Effectively

The Four Nets


Week 9

MWL Logo

Patterns with the Logo Turtle

Week 10 & 11


Animated Easter Cards

Week 12

Sketchup Challenge

Building Houses and Cars

See you next year!

The Philosophy of the Y7 & 8 Digital Course:

This Taster DT unit runs for one term, one period a week. If this is the first time you have formally met a computer system, you will learn the basics of saving and retrieving files, working with images and text, laying out a document in Publisher, and creating interactive and clear PowerPoint stories to present and entertain. If you are already competent with these skills, there will be opportunities to expand your skills further. For a more indepth experience of the Digital Universe, you will need sign up for Digital Technologies in Years 9 & 10.