Avitars, Gravitars, Calendars & Course Outline

Week 2

Editing Images

Editing Images for a Purpose

Is Symmetry Beautiful Poster

2012 Posters
2013 Posters

Week 3 & 4

5 Day Getaway

Web Quest

Plan a "getaway" to get as far away from Onewhero as you can using only advertised Public Transport

Week 5

Print Design

Create A Travel Company Destination Brochure

2012 Brochures
2013 Brochures

Week 6

Digital Drawing

Vector Graphics:

Flowers, Squares & Illusions using Inkscape

Week 7

Word Processing

Document layout & word processing skills

Week 8

The Cloud

Using KnowledgeNet & Other Cloud apps for Learning

Week 9 & 10


Calculating & Analysing Data

Week 11 & 12


Making Computer Games with Scratch

Week 13

Sketchup Challenge

Build a Village to use as a backdrop in a Scratch Game

See you in Year 10!

The Philosophy of the Y9 Digital Course:

Y9 Digital Technologies runs for 13 weeks. The course is designed to give you the basic digital skills you require for High School Education: research, analysis and presentation. For a more indepth experience of the Digital Universe, you will need sign up for Digital Technologies in Year 10.