Creating Bookmarks:

  1. Create a new blank documnent in Publisher with a A4 landscape page size.
  2. Insert a rounded rectangle shape from the Autoshapes menu like this one.
  3. Select the rectangle by left click and copy it to the clipboard with the shortcut control-c.
  4. Paste copies of the rectangle using control-v, so that 4 bookmarks fit on your page.
  5. Insert text boxes for your text and picture frames for your graphics. Insert text and graphics which reflect your theme.
  6. Group items.
  7. Check your work.
  8. Print 1 copy.
  9. Cut out your favourite and laminate it .
  10. Cut out and use your bookmark.

Challenge for experts:

  • Design two sided bookmarks by designing two pages which when printed in duplex with a flip on the short side line up.
  • These will only be laminated if the two sides match exactly.
    Cut out and laminate.