Term 1

Digital Media

- Web (Html5, Css3); Still Image Manipulation

Links to online Html and Css Tutorials

Code Avengers
HTML Is Easy
W3 Schools

Links to OAS Tutorials and Worksheets for L2 Digital Media

Image Post Processing
Web Design

Coding 4 Web

Term 2

ComputerScience & Programming

Planning & Creating Games in JavaScript or Python

Programming and CS Links

Code Avengers
Js@HTML Is Easy

Term 3

Digital Information

Database & Word Processing

Word Processing and Database Links

Term 4

Create a Prototype

Developing a prototype for a web or printed product

Prototype Development Links

Term 1 Overview

The main focus this is learning Web Design, and getting plenty of practice coding in Html5 and Css3. Learning to code is like learning a foreign language. You need lots of time viewing other peoples work, an experimenting with your own ideas. For assessment you will present composite still images in a Web Site you build.